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Beets and a Tribute to Avigdor Arikha

6 Jul

Avigdor Arikha, artist of the everyday, died this April at 81, this article nicely summarizes his work:

A few years back I received a b-day gift from my aunt – a book with his paintings. I took a lot of inspiration from it, I like the simplicity of lines and shapes, the light, mostly daylight falling on objects, and the ability to make the everyday life into art. The subjects of Arikha’s work have ranged from potatoes in a bag to his wife’s hats, his wife, scenery in Israel etc, set in interesting compositions and always looking so realistic and alive.

This is one of those paintings inspired by Arikha’s work. Remember the beets from the previous post? Of course I don’t have his skills, experience and technique, but these beets did remind me of his paintings, so I’ve decided to acknowledge it in this post.

Beets, acrylic on canvas.


Life is a Cabaret

25 Jun

This is just a small painting I’ve done lately,  I was going for a kind of a smoky sexy feeling, like in old cabaret posters.


and after:

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