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A New Use for Chopsticks

14 Jul

As it turned out, last year when we lived in Haifa and I was a busy student and my than-bf-now-husband a busy entrepreneur, we used to order a lot of oriental food.

Our favorite restaurants were “Tatami”, Japanese food, “Giraff”, Thai food, and “Tokai”, Chinese food.

Nowadays we eat more home-cooked meals, I guess it’s mostly because where we live now we can only order sushi or pizza and we can’t eat that every day, right?!

Anyway, from all of those oriental meals we had, we were left with a big collection of chopsticks that were always delivered with the food. Frankly, I’d rather use a fork, so we had nothing to do with those chopsticks (yet I love collecting useless stuff).

So yesterday I made them into sort of a wall art hanging.

The chopsticks were in a paper wrapping, which I opened, and then glued all the paper wraps to each other and glued the separated chopsticks in between them.

This is made entirely from recycled wooden chopsticks and their paper wraps:

A closer look:

I actually have no idea what it says (hopefully nothing bad).

Let it also be a memorandum for our bad eating habits in the past.

Have a great day,

Gal 🙂

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